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High School Restart Plan

Schools throughout the state of Ohio have been working on plans for a safe and responsible back-to-school season. Students attend CCTC to develop skills and earn credentials to make them ready to work out of high school or prepare them for success. These are skills that require hands-on experience and are difficult to achieve in a remote learning environment. This is why we have been working with the Lawrence County Health Department, the Lawrence County JVSD Teacher’s Association, and the county’s seven school districts to create a plan. Together we have developed a plan that is adaptive to the current state of the virus and safely allows our students to pursue the career goals at the career center. Below are some of the highlights of the CCTC high school restart plan. You are encouraged to read the full plan by clicking here.As of this posting, the first day of the school year will be Monday, August 24thMonday, August 31st.Student attendance is based on the county’s status as determ…