2020 Completion Ceremony

UPDATED (May 22, 2019):

We are no longer accepting photos for the virtual completion ceremony.

UPDATED (May 12, 2020):

We will be streaming our 2020 Virtual Completion Ceremony on Friday, May 29th at 6:00 pm. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will have a special message for CCTC graduates. The event will be streamed on our Facebook and YouTube pages as well as on our website. Information on submitting photos can be found in the original post below. The stream will remain on our social media pages indefinitely, but we will provide a link to download the video for those of you who wish to keep your own copy.

ORIGINAL (May 4, 2020):

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced society to cancel so many events. None of those are more sacred to us than our completion ceremony. We all agree that our students deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Unfortunately, we also have to weigh the risk that a large gathering of people creates during our current crisis. For that reason, we are not able to conduct a traditional completion ceremony for this year’s seniors. We know that this is a disappointment to our students, families, and staff.

This year’s completion ceremony will be conducted virtually and streamed online on our Facebook Page and on our website. Today we are asking for seniors or their families to send us a photo of our graduates. The best way for you to get your photos to us is to submit with the form below. You can submit from a computer, tablet, or phone. 

Photo Guidelines

We are willing to accept any appropriate photos of our seniors, but here is a list of guidelines in case you are looking for some direction.
  • Please only submit one photo per student.
  • Portrait formatted photos (the photo is taller than it is wide)
  • Professional senior photo
  • A photo with the student in their graduation gown (we do not use the cap in our completion ceremony)
  • A photo with the student wearing some type of formal wear

Note: If you cannot upload your photo with the link below, you can send it to us via Facebook Messenger or email it to info@collins-cc.edu.


  1. I've tried multiple times to submit my daughter's photo and when I chose the photo, I get kicked back to the collins page. I've never hit submit. Is there someone who can message me to find out if the photo submitted or what I am doing wrong?

    1. Email me at wodajr@collins-cc.edu with the student's name and I'll see if it's been submitted.

  2. Is there any way a video could be made to purchase?

    1. The video will remain on YouTube and Facebook and we will provide a link to download it as well.

    2. Thank you. I sent a picture and didn’t seem to have any problems. Is there any way to find out for sure if it got there. ???

  3. When will the next LPN classes start?

  4. Where is the link to download?

    1. We posted that link on our social media channels. Here's the link to the tweet.


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