Updated High School Start Date


Dear Students,

Most Lawrence County School Districts have decided to start school on August 31, 2020. The Collins Career Technical Center therefore will also start on the 31st of August. The student schedule for the first two weeks of school will be as follows in order to social distance students for their safety. 

Week 1

  • Monday, August 31st - Seniors Only Report
  • Tuesday, September 1st - Seniors Only Report
  • Wednesday, September 2nd - Juniors Only Report
  • Thursday, September 3rd - Juniors Only Report
  • Friday, September 4th - Juniors Only Report

Week 2

  • Monday, September 7th  - Labor Day (No School) 
  • Tuesday, September 8th- Seniors Only Report
  • Wednesday, September 9th - Seniors Only Report
  • Thursday, September 10th -  Juniors Only Report
  • Friday, September 11th - Juniors Only Report
Student report dates will be posted for each day on the school's calendar for easy reference. Most other questions are answered in our restart plan.

James Howard, Principal


  1. If Chesapeake schools are going to be virtual for the first nine weeks, will there be transportation available for those students?


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